My Story

“You are the author of your own story and you have the power to change it “

My Youth: 

I don’t have so many memories of my childhood, but I know I was loved and cared for by the family around me. I spent my early years with my nana who passed on her creative knowledge which still inspires me today. I learnt to dance and competed until I was 11. My school life was considered normal. I was a good student, brought up to always do my homework before play and I enjoyed learning. I was always encouraged to do my best. Despite my parents separating, my mum maintained a happy single parent household and my siblings and I rarely went without. The strong values and work ethic of my parents have shaped me into the person I am today.


My Adulthood:

I studied to be an Accountant and climbed the career ladder to the top. I had everything we all seemingly strive for – a house, husband, dog (or child), well paid career, multiple holidays, and many friendships. I was a social butterfly who welcomed the work challenges and thrived on adrenaline. I was happy living a glass half full life but with a fear of missing out, a constant strive for more and an “I’ll rest when I’m dead” attitude. 


My Awakening:

Dealing with the loss of my mum and leaving my husband were two of the toughest challenges I have ever faced and rebuilding my life seemed like climbing a mountain. But when you are at your lowest point, the only way should be up. Despite feeling truly lost and without purpose, I was determined for this to be the start of something wonderful and I went on a journey of self discovery. I chose to solo backpack around the world, define my values and beliefs (had I really not done that before?), grieve my losses, including the person I used to be and then set upon becoming the person I was born to be. It’s not been an easy journey and it still continues but from where I’m standing now it’s all worth it.


I’m as fulfilled as I used to be, with a more balanced and grounded approach, a freedom you can only achieve from releasing the fears and a confidence in my own self I have never felt before. I could never have written the last 11 years but I survived them and the experience has empowered me to remain my authentic self, limitless in age and ability. When you take your transformational journey, you too will never want to look back. I have it all, on my terms. 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”  ― Oscar Wilde