What We Do

I am a Movement and Mindset Mentor. Empowering you to feel good enough is at the core of what I do and I can guide you to create your freedom and live the lifestyle you desire. Age is not a barrier. Women holding hands

Let’s challenge your beliefs and values, your perspectives and perceptions to find out what’s truly important to you. Let’s build confidence and boost self esteem to take action to create your happiness. These are the first exciting steps on the ladder to embracing being your authentic, youthful self and creating the life you want and deserve.

“If I can help just one person feel better for an hour, a day or even longer, then it’s all been worth it”


  • Healing movement practice

New for 2024, we will be exploring how movement can heal, through this guided practice incorporating Jungian psychology, vibrational music, chakras and mandala art. Email with your interest here


  • Accountability Groups

Women togetherShare your intentions and make a commitment to yourself and others to start taking action. In these online peer supported accountability groups I offer a space to listen, to guide you towards your next steps and inspire, motivate and empower you to find your freedom. Read more here


  • Feel Good Dance And Movement Classes

I teach face to face classes in Calderdale and Lancashire. My motto “Less Sweat, More Laughter” encompasses what classes are about. Moving to music, seated or standing, in a fun, social and creative way. Whatever your ability or age, there’s always something to enjoy. Our nurturing, welcoming and empowering approach ensures you always feel part of our groups.

Check out the current timetable here


  • Workshops & Events

Working with communities is so rewarding, to see the empowering transformation of individuals and their wellbeing and group relationships. Workshops are co-created with the participants needs as a priority. Check out past events here


  • Hire Us 

We’re available to create dance classes and workshops, provide group and individual mentoring sessions and for public speaking events. Whatever your group or individual needs, please get in touch and let’s start making the magic happen.